2014 Stats

2015 Schedule

Coach name: Adam Caine (1 yr. as a head coach, 1st at Sequatchie County)
2014 overall record:
2014 district Finish: 6th
21     South Pittsburg (A)
28     Whitwell (H) 
4      Smith CO. (A)
11      York Institute (H)
18  OPEN
25  Bledsoe CO. (H)
2      Dekalb CO. (H)
9      Warren CO. (A)
16  Cannon CO. (A)
23   Grundy CO. (A)

Coach’s View

With it being my first season at Sequatchie County, this is all new for me, so I am not very familiar with our region opponents. Everyone I have talked to describes Region 4-3A as being very competitive. We also have a great deal of respect for our non-region opponents. We have a long way to go, but I like my team!

Coach’s Corner

Coach Adam Caine

Coach Adam Caine

Q: How would you characterize this year’s team?

A: As a very eager, hardworking group with a very solid senior class.
Q: What will be the keys to your success?
A: Learning how to do the “little things” right.
Q: Who will be your key leaders on the team?
A: Billy Morrison (Sr., OL/DL), Zane Swanger (Sr., OL/DL), Daniel Marshall (Sr., WR/DB), Alex Turner (Sr., RB/DB), Colby Reed (Sr., WR/DB), Brandon Rudd (Sr., RB/DB)
Q: What are your biggest reasons for optimism?
A: We have plenty of good players and the kids enjoy responding to challenges.
Q: What will keep you up at night?
A: Naturally, our first opponent – South Pittsburg.
Q: What can you build on from last year?
A: It’s my first year here at Sequatchie County, so I don’t know much about last year, but we look forward to progressing this year.
Q: Will we see anything different this year?
A: Everything about the program will be drastically different.
Q: How would you characterize your team’s speed?
A: I like where we are with our speed and quickness.


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